Your Rewrite Your Money Story character is…

You, my friend, are an Everyman Hero in your Money Story.

Welcome to a new world friend. One where you get to rewrite the story of how well you and money get along.

Where you can build off your natural ability to be creative and plucky, enjoy caring for others, and reveling in the dreams you are building.

Rewriting Your Money Story is more than just a quiz to scratch your curiosity, it’s also an opportunity to embrace your natural state and make it work for you and with you. 

It may seem exciting, nerve-wracking, and a little *I’ll believe it when I see it*, but hang with me, and you’ll see a shift in your financial wellbeing. 

Click the buttons below to access your personalized quiz results and understand what’s possible for you and how money wants to interact with you. 

From there, you can dive into the audio training which will guide you through 5 steps to overcome your challenges and unlock all the business growth you want. (Prefer a transcript instead? You can grab your quiz result transcript here and your audio training transcript here.)

To move you from learning to implementation, I’ve also included a workbook so you can dive into each lesson and see how money can be tailored for your business and situation. 

Feel free to bookmark this page to return to your training at any time, plus know you’ll receive a link to this page and additional information in your inbox!

Meet Your Money Mentor

Hi, I’m Katherine, and I have a strong belief that artists are only starving because no one has shown them how to run their personal businesses as the CEOs they are. Back when I was an artist, this realization hit me hard, and something snapped, so I decided to change things for all creative thinkers.

Less than 25% of Americans expect to retire comfortably. If I help just 1% of Americans understand their money and take control of their money story, that’s 3 million more people living and retiring well.

Financial growth is my specialty, and changing the world’s thoughts about accounting is my mission. You can make plenty of money, but if you don’t know how to use it to support your goals, you’re going to end up cash-strapped and feeling really stressed your whole life even if you become a millionaire.

There’s no more pretending around money. No shame, but no hiding either.

Stop partying hard when your bank balance is up and stop being depressed when it’s down. Instead, solidify your financial foundation so you can experience exponential growth authentically and sustainably.

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