Is Your Relationship with Money Keeping You from Growing?

Being a creative-turned-business owner is hard. But navigating the world of money is even harder (especially if you find it difficult or villainous to deal with).

What if I told you that your journey to financial stability was as simple as telling a story? A story where you’re the hero, and money is your trusty sidekick. Think *faithful Ron and Hermione to Harry Potter*, instead of ol’ He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named being a pain.

In this quiz, you’ll find out which badass hero you are when it comes to money, so you can learn to make money your ally. Money has a role in your life and business, but when it’s cast in the wrong role, it’ll restrict your growth. You need new tools and a mindset shift to find out why money isn’t simply a reward, a villain, or just a resource…

Are you ready for a healthy journey with money by your side as your fearless ally?

Take the quiz to map out how to Rewrite Your Money + Growth Story and see which hero you are!

And who will narrate you through this journey? 

Hi, I’m Katherine, a money mentor and accountant for creatives-turned-business owners. As a former actress and artist, I know how much we creative thinkers struggle with money. We’re great with big ideas but could use some help with taking the steps that get us to our dream.

I’m here to guide and inspire you on your quest to achieve creative fulfillment without sacrificing financial stability. You can grow your business sustainably while powerfully impacting others. We can do it together!