accounting services as unique as your business.

Accounting services as unique as your business.


Do you feel like something is holding you back in business?

Can you name it?

Can you measure it?

Can you release it?

Money Maps see and name anchors in your business – it’s not gut feeling, not intuition, not guesswork, not opinion. It’s money. And it doesn’t lie.

There are a lot of accounting services that could deliver financial data to you.

It’s one thing to have an external system giving you data. It’s quite another to make that system internal so you can really live and feel your numbers.

That’s what being a Money Storyteller means. With BKA services, you’ll still get feelings that something is “off” in your business, but you’ll also have the skills and tools to find and solve problems. Once found, you can make more money.


BKA is a virtual accounting firm.

With Katherine Pomerantz at the helm, this team of trusted bookkeepers and accountants uses Money Storytelling to customize their services for business owners.

Money will be affected by every area of your personal and professional life. Your accounting service should be as unique as your life and business.

BKA services act like a menu. Most clients receive a mix of the services below to create the right financial foundation for their creative fulfillment and freedom. 

Most break their payments into a set monthly fee. 

Pricing is dependent on scope and complexity. Book a free Action Plan Call to receive your custom quote.

Services with Team BKA


A money mapping intensive is time to integrate your bookkeeping and financial reports with a values-driven review of your business. 

It’s a chance to release the stress of past Money Stories, to celebrate and build on past wins, and to create a Money Map to guide your business towards your ideal life and future. 

This is a 1:1 coaching intensive with Katherine Pomerantz. Together you will create a financial dashboard for your business.

Clients book Money Mapping Intensives on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis

$ 5,997 per intensive


New tax clients receive 1:1 coaching with Katherine Pomerantz to create annual business goals, ensure bookkeeping is accurate, and their tax strategy supports every aspect of their life and business. 

Ongoing clients receive quarterly business reviews, estimated tax support, unlimited questions, and proactive strategy to support business growth and change.

$390 / mo


New bookkeeping clients receive a comprehensive operations review of your whole company to ensure the information reaching your accounting team is accurate and timely.

Team BKA will then cleanup or setup your accounting software, train team members, and create written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your financial systems. 

Ongoing bookkeeping services can include tax services, payroll management, bill pay, invoicing, inventory management, data entry, simple administration tasks, and creation of monthly financial reports. 

Starts at $ 1,000 / mo

Ready to Dive in?


We can create financial reports, budgets, strategy maps, etc. We can further set up bookkeeping systems to feed these reports. But that doesn’t change your day-to-day responsibility as a business owner. 

You still have to take action on these reports, update them regularly, and continuously refine your strategy. This often feels overwhelming or confusing, so most business owners give up or skip this work altogether.

If you can approach this as a Money Storyteller, then it’s easier, faster, and – dare I say it – fun.
It’s this unique perspective that makes BKA so valuable. Yes, we use traditional accounting tools. But because of our Money Storyteller approach, they are more effective for YOU to implement.

And because your strategy is easier to implement,
your wealth grows.

Have a specific question?



Have a specific question?



And how we help you move to the next level.

Big Idea Stage

Revenue $0-$199,999

You’ve got a really good idea, but you’re growing slowly. There’s a real feast or famine with your income. It feels like you’re trading time for money.

Focus of service:

Money Maps You Need to Master:

Growth Stage

$200,000 – $999,999

You’ve built up substantial numbers of clients and customers, but that means you’re now juggling a lot of balls. Every new thing feels complex at this stage.

Focus of service:

Money Maps You Need to Master:


$1,000,000 plus

You now have a solid team in place and a lot of responsibility. You want to make sure the business remains profitable and scalable and leaves the legacy you dreamed of.

Focus of service:

Money Maps You Need to Master:

Need help determining your needs?

You will benefit from BKA if you:

BKA is not for you if you:

YES! I am ready to become a Money Storyteller!

The Chaos Money Studio

This is a 1:1 mentorship program where we do a deep-dive into your business. 

I work with you to design your money map, a custom money-management strategy that lines up with your mission. I also equip you with emotional and mindfulness tools to tackle ongoing stressors surrounding money and give you control over your financial future. 

The program duration is 90 days, with a support and implementation period of up to 6 months.

How it works

  1. Fill out this intake form and schedule a 30-minute discovery call with me. During the call, we discuss your goals and determine if we’re the right fit. You also get a feel of what you’re going to get out of our collaboration. It is important to get out of your investment what you put into it, so this call serves to establish expectations on both sides.
  2. Your value-centered business plan. This is where you share your goals and I translate them in money terms.
  3. Clean-up. I gather financial data during a one-time clean-up of your accounts and feed these into your accounting system. I also check the system to make sure it’s running correctly.
  4. Money Map Design. Using data obtained from your accounting software, I design your money map – your new financial system. This is where you learn how to engage money as your teammate, so it can work for you.
  5. Implementation. With your money map built, you can start leading your business in line with your vision. You will have a clearer understanding of your financial statements, make plans and execute them more strategically, and also make better decisions.
  6. Accountability & follow-up.  As you implement your strategy, you’ll be able to reach out for help. This is where you continue working to refine, validate and update the points on your money map. As a creative, staying the course is a superpower you will learn. It may take a few months but reaching your goals is so worth the effort.

The Chaos Money Studio is for you if you:

  • Want a custom, BIG PICTURE strategy that aligns with your purpose.
  • Want a true understanding of what money is and how it can be used.
  • Are looking for predictability through clear metrics and tracking.
  • Believe that the purpose of wealth and abundance is to create freedom and impact.
  • Have worked with other coaches and grown successful at selling but not quite at managing your money to make it work for you.
  • You want your business to work FOR YOU, not the other way around!

It is not for you if you:

  • Are looking for a shortcut to financial stability.
  • Are looking for a consultant to tell you what to do. This Studio is more akin to coaching, where you will discover your own answers and gain the tools to achieve. 
  • Are an excuse maker or no-show. This program is for doers only.
  • Are only half-committed to your goals.

The Bookkeeping Artist (BKA)

A full-service accounting firm that provides ongoing tax, bookkeeping, and CFO services for creative businesses. 

With all the big work done upfront and your mission-driven financial system built, you need a bookkeeping team to run it. 

My team uses the Chaos Money Framework to provide insight and accountability towards your goals.

As my bookkeeping client, you’ll be unstoppable. You will instantly understand how well your business is (or isn’t) performing and easily identify trouble spots and develop strategies to combat them.

Through our 100% secure, cloud-based accounting, you will be able to instantly retrieve any old records and completely withstand an audit.

And when it’s tax time, you will feel confident you received the maximum tax deduction because EVERYTHING is accurately recorded.

To work with my team or discuss your bookkeeping needs, fill out this intake form and schedule a 30-minute discovery call.

You will benefit from BKA if you:

  • Want to outsource your bookkeeping so you can focus in your zone of genius.
  • Cut out overwhelm related to the day-to-day management of your accounting.
  • You want accountability.
  • You want a well-structured chart of accounts to give you the information you need to make decisions.

BKA is not for you if you:

  • Are merely looking for somewhere to offload your bookkeeping. Working with me means you’ll be available for monthly strategy sessions. Meeting your goals requires a deeper level of commitment and really, your money deserves your time and attention. 
  • Are just looking for help with taxes. Taxes are for the government and not yourself. To lead your business, you need to do more than care about taxes.
  • Are doing this just to get organized. Even though I work with you to develop a system and make organization easy, the real reason we’re working together is to help you achieve financial stability.
  • Do not appreciate accountability.
  • Want offline bookkeeping. I offer cloud-based accounting services.

What do you get when you work with me? A lot.

You will:

Have a clear understanding of high-level financial concepts as they relate to your business.

Feel empowered to lead your team and business, make more impact, and help people.

Get your time back. With a lot of the work done upfront, all you’ll need is to refine your money map to meet changes and growth in your business. 

But that’s just scratching the surface. You will also:

Spend your time in more effective ways, working only on areas that really affect your business.

Have better clients – because you have a much better system for evaluating what things are worth your time. 

Enjoy better negotiating power. You’ll be much clearer on the value you provide and be able to stick up for yourself.

Have improved relationships with yourself and your money 

And be less stressed about money. You’ll be able to survive and thrive in the face of crisis because you know a crisis won’t break you. No more panic. Just more success.

Think you’re ready to work with me?

Need urgent help?

Got a specific accounting question?

Book a quick, 1-hour, strategy consult for $197.

We’ll dive into your most pressing money issue and get you unstuck fast.